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Why Use a Realtor?
We choose to use full time, certified professionals for other areas of our lives. Electricians, mechanics and even physicians. Selling your home should not be a job of a part time individual. This is a big investment that you should protect. Hiring an industry expert that is a full time REALTOR® allows you to have peace of mind knowing that each step of the process is handled professionally and effectively. 

I have received more than one market evaluation and they are different. How do I decide which agent to use?

Deciding which agent to use should always begin with compatibility. Depending on the property, you may be spending a fair amount of time together. First and foremost, you should select the agent that you enjoy working with. Secondly, market evaluations can vary for various reasons. You can list your house at any price. But it will sell at a fair market value. Keep this in mind when agents are competing for your listing, a good agent will always analyze what fair market value is and suggest a list price within reason.

How do we decide on the listing price?

The list price should be decided logically and objectively. Compiling as much information as possible about the current market and considering advice of a REALTOR® can put you on the right path. Pricing too high or too low can be detrimental to selling your home for market value. 

How long does the process of selling my home usually take?
This is a question that depends on several factors. Time of year, list price, square footage and even neighbourhood amenities can affect the time it takes to sell your home. When we work together, I can provide you with both personal experience and real facts about the market in your area. We can then create an action plan to make sure that we give your home optimal opportunity to be seen, and purchased within a desired amount of time.

How will my home be marketed to potential buyers?
You are in luck! As one of my personal accomplishments, I earned a degree in Business Marketing from the second highest ranked marketing program in the USA as of 2017 stats. I apply a combination of education and real world experience to create a strategic marketing plan for you. I will discuss this in detail with you at my complimentary home evaluation meeting.

What are open houses and what do they do?
Open houses are one way to give potential buyers an opportunity to view your home. Depending on the nature of your home, we may choose to do one open house, multiple open houses or none. They are typically held on the weekends or at a time when potential buyers will be able to attend. The homeowner (you) is asked to refrain from coming to the open house. This is best practice when buying or selling a home.

What else can I expect my agent to do?
Not all agents are the same, and their processes and value offering may differ. Below I have listed additional items you can expect from me as your real estate agent.
Listing guide upon market evaluation meeting
For sale sign
Professional photos
Professional video
Design and creation of print marketing
Creation and rollout of online marketing
Schedule showings
Host open houses
Solicit feedback from showings with other agents
Present to you monthly marketing reports on the performance of our efforts
Solicit offers
Present and negotiate offers
Oversee home inspections
Negotiable repairs
Schedule closing
Communicate with buyers agent

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